Team Building Croatia, Activities and Support

Dubrovnik Travel- DT Croatia provides team building support and organization of various team building activities. Location and activity vary and depend on the size of the group and clients’ wishes.

It is possible to organize a team building in the city centers, its surrounding areas or on the islands. Some of the most favorite team building activities include: city hunt in the city center, allowing sightseeing of a city in a completely different way, involving different inter-active games. Another great example of a team building activity can be done by jeeps on the village roads and off roads, and open pastures, making participants follow the instructions in a road book and accomplish tasks.

Other team building activities involve cooking traditional meals, snorkeling and kayaking, or typical „boundless games“ like potato sack races, rope pulling, different throwing games, obstacle games, archery, different problem solving, time games and many others.
With the assistance of Dubrovnik Travel- DT Croatia clients can select the best locations, equipment and tasks suitable for particular group in order to fulfill desired team building goals in Croatia.

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