Is Your Annual Event Attractive Enough?

Is Your Annual Event Attractive Enough?

Make Your Annual Event Attractive, Exciting & Relaxing!

Your annual events and their long tradition have brought certain expectations to most participants! Often hosted at large metropolitan cities with a wide range of transportation services, big convention center or expo facility, recommended hotels close to the venue but far away from city attractions.

It’s time to make a change and bring an element of (pleasant) surprise into your annual event routine. The whole point is to avoid routine as much as possible. The easiest way to reach this goal and make your annual event more attractive & exciting is, to choose a new and non-typical destination for your next event. Obviously, you’ll want to keep business as usual, but maybe just change the (off time) to a more relaxing and exciting atmosphere.

Croatia or any of its neighbouring countries are the perfect choice for unusual and exciting annual events. New Europe’s emerging capital cities along with sea side resorts and historical towns offer a new dimension and can enrich every event.

Short flight times from any major European city, make this region easily accessible. A very large choice of unusual venues and many hotels with conference facilities located close to old town attractions. Such Venues for your annual event eliminate the need for commuting to and from the event, also saving time for your participants, giving them an opportunity to join their spouses exploring the surroundings or simply enjoying a walk in a relaxing atmosphere.

Rich cultural & historical backgrounds offer numerous possibilities to create unique offsite evenings or day trips, whether you are looking for active trips such as team building or competitions or simple “get to know around” trips presenting local history or the beautiful nature.

The possibilities and choices are endless, we can assist you to achieve the desired difference and make your annual event more attractive, exciting & relaxing!

Attractive Annual Event

The Southeast European region has hosted some large international congresses. The logistics & services were at the highest professional level. DT Croatia’s PCO team organized many of these congresses and are proud that participants were impressed and excited by the programs and execution, many of them rated the congress as “the best so far”.

Tell us about your ideas and interesting concepts that will bring “a twist” to an annual event. The comments section below awaits your input, don’t be shy – share it with the World.

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