Best 30-Minute Ice Breakers for Conferences

Best 30-Minute Ice Breakers for Conferences

The Best 30-Minute Ice Breakers for Conferences

The best conferences get juicy right from the start. If people manage to drop in, relax and get connected right away, productivity is higher. Conference participants usually come from different branches, different cultures, different companies. A fun ice breaker is a way to get things flowing.

Through the years we have played with many ways to get participants connected and present. Here’s a taste of some fun localised 30-minute ice breakers for conferences in Croatia.

Blind Cravat-Tying Competition

Did you know that the concept of necktie originated during the Thirty Year War (1618–1648)? The original word for necktie, cravat, originated from the French name for Croats: Croates.

Croatian mercenaries differentiated themselves from other soldiers by wearing a traditional neck garment, usually in red.

This flamboyant detail instigated a fashion craze. Cravats took hold not only on the French front, but in all of Europe. Parisian nobility, even the boy king Louis XIV, started decorating their necks with cravats.

Best 30-Minute Ice Breakers for Conferences - Blind Cravat-Tying Competition

This little piece of Croatian history makes for fun team trivia game. After that it gets hands-on and hilarious for a bit. Blindfolded participants are tasked with tying a cravat on a team member. Their partner can guide and encourage, but only with their voice. The fastest can win prizes (perhaps a few beautiful Croatian cravats?).

But even the slowest are sure have fun and meet someone new. It’s short and sweat, a perfect ice breaker for events and conferences.

Learn a Local Dance

It’s natural for a land forever on the crossroads of history to have a fascinating folklore. And to cling to it to preserve its identity and lineage. Almost every village and town in Croatia has a folk ensemble that passionately preserves this ancient heritage.

Each region has its own customs, music, dances, and costumes. The diversity is fascinating, as if they did not belong to the same history.

Why not start your conference on an unexpected note? Get your participants present to where they landed. It’s a perfect way to feel the local culture and meet a fellow participant.

Best 30-Minute Ice Breakers for Conferences - Learn Local Folklor Dance

Our folk dancers always enjoy getting attendees to join in. They learn a few basic steps, get a few laughs and get their bodies moving. This 30-minute ice breaker will get your program started right.

Croatian Trivia, Anyone?

People always enjoy finding out fun facts about the country they are visiting. They love knowing Croatia was the home of greats such as Marco Polo and Nikola Tesla. Or that its inventions include the world’s hottest electric car and the pen. Most can throw out at least a few names from the long list of sporting greats.

Get them in small groups and watch the competitive spirit sparkle up the room. This perfect landing ice breaker could be spiced with musicians, props and actors. Or, how about a blind tasting of traditional infused brandies? Its a real test for your pallet, but also of botanical knowledge!

Is it fig, honey, plum, carob or something completely different? We have to be honest, alcohol always wins as the most effective ice breaker…

Best 30-Minute Ice Breakers for Conferences - Croatian Trivia

Every conference in Croatia deserves the best ice Breakers! So, plan your conference & events with DT Croatia.

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