Best Corporate Travel Events in 2019

Best Corporate Travel Events in 2019

Croatia’s Best Corporate Travel Events in 2019

Another colossal DT Croatia year is behind us, the biggest one to date. What stands out is the number of large scope events and the intricacy of those programs. And a few new trends. Croatia seems to have become the prime destination for the automotive industry and car launches in the recent years.

Large corporate groups are going on cruises, with spectacular custom shore events in different ports. This brought some new challenges and a need for some speciality services. Here are some of the best corporate travel events of 2019:

Mega Corporate Events, Come Rain or Shine

Dubrovnik and Split hosted several programs over 800 guests this year, and not all of them had the fair-weather fortune. Whether small festivals of local food, drink, music and crafts, or gala dinners, unpredictable weather called for tents.

Size of the events required special furniture and décor solutions to accommodate the amount of people.

With several new sophisticated tent and furnishing solutions available in Croatia, the sun eventually coming back out through the clouds only added sparkle to the spectacular settings created.

Best Corporate Travel Events - Mega Corporate Events

DT Croatia as The Expert for Car Launches

A floating showroom in the middle of the bay? A crane to park a car on top of a building? Permits to display cars in historic pedestrian-only zones? Test routes with spectacular views and no traffic? Done.

Year 2019 begun and ended with car launches for DT Croatia. A car launch specialist team has been forged and tested.

They proved themselves able to master all logistical challenges, including brand new destinations inside Croatia. View some of the car launches with DT Croatia support.

Best Corporate Travel Events - The Expert for Car Launches

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

As DT is growing as a socially and environmentally responsible company, so are its clients. More and more corporate travel events include some service elements. Clients are finding this way of interacting with the local community is especially rewarding.

The most outstanding 2019 corporate CSR program took up creating a pleasant park environment at one of the most beautiful view points on the scenic highway over Elaphiti Islands in Dubrovnik.

They cleaned up, painted tables and benches, planted lavender and rosemary. A perfect sunny day and stellar views made this one of the favourite trip memories for the participants.

Best Corporate Travel Events - Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Every event in Croatia deserves the best logistics. Plan your corporate travel events with DT Croatia.

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