Best Product Launch Venues in Croatia

Best Product Launch Venues in Croatia

A Few Of The Best Product Launch Venues in Croatia

After many years in making, a product is ready to be launched. What does it take to do it right? How to find a perfect backdrop for the creativity and brilliance that went into making it? Here are some of the Best Product Launch venues Croatia can offer!

A Spectacular & Unique Venue That Highlights Sustainable Design: The Sun Salutation in Zadar

Let us say you were looking for the most photogenic “car-free” ancient city centre.

Perhaps you would like to park your new fleet of electric cars in a backdrop that inspires?

In addition, a destination that is easily accessible, but somewhat undiscovered? Consider the quirky and perfectly sustainable street art installations on Zadar’s waterfront.

Best Product Launch Venues - Zadar Sunset

The Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation are a perfect mix of spectacular setting and innovative design. The Sun Salutation turns solar energy into a light depiction of the solar system. It powers and lights up the entire waterfront at night. Harnessing the power of the sea, the Sea Organ turns waves into a perpetual music score. Zadar is your next product launch venue if the conversation is sustainability or innovation.

Classic Beauty, Intelligent Design & Understated Luxury Venue: White Palaces of Dubrovnik

What says better “classic beauty and understated luxury” then the old palaces and limestone streets of Dubrovnik.

The walls of the Rector’s Palace exude centuries of intelligent strategy and discreet design.

If those are the core principles of your brand, this is the prefect setting the launch your product.

Best Product Launch Venues - Dubrovnik Stradun

This are just a few product launch venue gems of Croatia. Inspire us with the message of your next launch! We will find your perfect setting and build the flawless support structure to launch your product with vision and style.

A Blank Canvas of Ancient Stone Venues: Lazareti Complex in Dubrovnik

Do you know the word Lazaret? Or, the origins of the concept of quarantine? In conclusion, they both date back to the Republic of Dubrovnik, and the plague ridden Middle Ages.

The city required 40 days in isolation for all ships and people wishing to enter the city.

Lazareti complex was built next to the Old City Port to house those travellers.

Best Product Launch Venues - Dubrovnik Lazareti

Today, it serves as an alternative cultural quarter and venue. Its stark stone vaults make a perfect blank for product launch sets. The shimmer off the Adriatic sea helps display your product in the best light. Lazareti are ideally located, between Dubrovnik’s top 5* hotel, iconic Banje Beach and the Old City. With excellent dining, lodging and event infrastructure at your fingertips, this product launch is a guaranteed exposure.

If you need any assistance finding the best product launch venue in Croatia, please contact DT Croatia!

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