Best Time for Conferences in Croatia

Best Time for Conferences in Croatia

Consider The Best Time for Conferences in Croatia

Choosing the best time for conferences in Croatia, such as dates and season might be a challenge as you may need to find the time when your participants will have flexible schedules during the year. You’ll also want to take all characteristics and seasonality of the chosen destination into consideration. Local temperature and weather conditions are important as you want your participants to also enjoy their stay and free time. Annual events such as a congresses usually offer less flexibility concerning dates, but exceptions are allowed if the chosen destination requires such adjustment.

Traditionally business meetings are often organised during spring and autumn months, so it is the case with South East Europe destinations as well. If you choose one of the beautiful Croatian coastal destinations, March to mid June as well as mid September to mid November are the best time for conferences in Croatia.

Croatian continental destinations even expand these periods to all of June and September, as they are generally not affected as much by peak leisure travellers and hotel occupancy. Even though Croatia has a growing number of conferences during the Winter months, they are traditionally reserved for family holidays and snow trips. So, unless you are organizing a conference that is winter themed, those months are generally not considered as the best time for conferences in Croatia.

Besides this, many airlines start their scheduled operations to the Croatian coastline in March and April and end in mid November latest, so this is a very important factor when seeking the best time for conferences in Croatia. Otherwise, if your conference in Croatia has fixed dates and a larger number of passengers you may require Adhoc charter flights which DT Croatia can help arrange to any Croatian Airport.

If you consider having a less formal meeting event for your partners and staff, then you can bend the rules a bit and combine some summer activities with working sessions. This means, coming to Croatia in July up to the end of August. Meeting space at any hotel will definitely be available, the only concern is to find enough accommodation as those are peak leisure season months. However, if you book in advance enough, this should not be a problem at all.

Traditionally East and Northern Europe conference clients are most likely to request such arrangements, but obviously everyone else is just as welcome!

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