DT Croatia – Nominated for the Prestigious “Zlatna Kuna” Award

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DT Croatia (Dubrovnik Travel), has once again been nominated for the prestigious “Zlatna Kuna” Award, presented by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, this year as the most successful medium enterprise in the Dubrovnik Neretva County for the year 2011.

Last year, DT Croatia won the “Zlatna Kuna” for the most successful small enterprise in the year 2010. “Zlatna Kuna” (in translation Golden Marten) is the award given for success in business and contribution to the Croatian economy.The idea of this award was created as an aspiration that the economy takes on characteristics of the marten, a symbol of endurance, cleverness and cunningness, but also prosperity and fertility. The first “Zlatna Kuna” was awarded in 1993 as a symbol of success and quality in business. Candidacy for this prestigious award is exclusively based on excellence in business that is valued based on previously identified indicators. This year nomination is confirmation of our hard work and business excellence.

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