Dubrovnik – New Bars & Restaurants

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New Bars & Restaurants Enrich Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik has recently been enriched by with the following restaurants and bars adding to already
diverse gastronomic possibilities available for groups of all sizes and interests:


Restaurant – Arsenal, Dubrovnik

Newly remodeled Tavern Arsenal recently opened its doors with a modern and sophisticated look, as well as an all-white terrace boasting fantastic vies of the Old City Harbor.Ideal for both lunch and dinner, this restaurant can now accommodate groups up to 350 people, yet its design and layout also make it suitable for smaller groups, depending on the needs of the client.
Cuisine is a modern interpretation of traditional Croatian dishes infused with international favorites appealing to a wide spectrum. Team this with a wide variety of Croatian wines and you are sure to have a hit for any group.


Restaurant – Stara Loza, Dubrovnik

Prijeko Palace has 3 restaurants: Stara Loza à la carte’ on the ground floor, Tapas and Wine bar on the 3rd floor, and a Menu tasting terrace suitable for smaller groups. Restaurant “Stara Loza” is located on a cozy and lively “Prijeko” street where you will enjoy the excellence in cuisine and the sounds of local musicians and Jazz bands. The fresh seasonal food of the restaurant is a surprising marriage between tradition and modern; a wink to the authentic past and a twist to the international contemporary cuisine. This restaurant is perfect for smaller groups, as it has only a few tables outside, on the street itself.

Prijeko Tapas and Wine bar offers you a sensational setting. The stylish décor features the gothic floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide stunning views on the medieval city. It has a more intimate and romantic atmosphere, suitable for groups up to 30 people, ready to enjoy wine and local tapas. Menu tasting terrace offers you a unique dining experience, with stunning views of the Dubrovnik old city and a six course menu selected by our chefs. It accommodates small groups of up to 10 people and is available only by reservation.A private sommelier will select the perfect wine for every customized evening menu. The terrace is perfect to visit after the Tapas and Wine bar, for dinner making the dining experience unforgettable at Prijeko Palace.

Restaurant – Pantarul, Dubrovnik

Pantarul – feels like home. This cozy restaurant is suitable for groups up to 35 people. The motto of the restaurant is to have everyone feel welcome and for each palate to be satisfied. Great for a snack with a glass of local wine or a several-course dinner which will make all your senses flick – Pantarul’s chef Zoran Ožegović will have the right solution, whatever you may wish for. Top quality, yet unpretentious food – is modern cuisine at its best.

The restaurant’s menu lives with the seasons and all the dishes are prepared using incredible local produce which is sourced by farmers from Dubrovnik’s surroundings, especially from Župa and Konavle. Fresh fish is delivered daily and the meat comes from the most reliable sources and is of highest quality. Homemade pasta and bread, a creative wine list featuring Croatian wines.

Ice Bar – Onofrio, Dubrovnik

Located within the walls of the Old City this froze gem is truly unique, featuring FIRST Ice Bar in Croatia. Not only is this an Ice Bar, but it is also a sort of a gallery highlighting Dubrovnik’s most important landmarks- in the ice.
The temperature within the bar is around -6, groups are limited to 30 persons at a time with a maximum stay of 30 minutes providing more than enough time to experience Dubrovnik’s History in a new and unique light.


Wine Bar – Matusko, Dubrovnik

Matuško Wine bar is an intimate place for wine lovers with a charming capacity of 34 seats.
The traditionally elegant interior will give you a warm and cozy feeling as soon as you enter this place, let alone when you try their wide selection of wines.Croatian wines are featured, especially those of the Dalmatian region including those produced by the owner in his boutique winery. While there, Dalmatian tapas including “Matuško” olive oil, marinated prawns, cheeses and olives and Dalmatian prosciutto compliment the wine beautifully.

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