Enhance Your Conference Quality

Enhance Your Conference Quality

Enhance Your Conference Quality With An Extra Dimension

Although conferences and incentives are two different types of products, there is a strong correlation between the two. DT Croatia operates a great deal of incentive groups in South East Europe. Such groups require high dedication to quality and extra attention to details of each and every service. Applying this very approach to meetings and conferences will enhance your conference quality and bring an extra dimension to the overall conference services.

Social programs for spouses during conferences usually offer similar activities like incentives do, so our experience and high quality services are best presented through such activities. Combining attractive points of interest with tasting of local wines, olive oil, cuisine specialties or unusual and fun ways of exploring the nature such as horseback riding, quads, scooters, buggies, Jeep safari, cabriolets or kayaks and speed boats can be a winning formula to enhance your conference quality.

South East Europe often surprises first-time visitors with its stunning scenery and a lot of different attractions surrounding its destinations. Many conference participants come back with incentive groups or vice versa. Incentive group members bring their own conferences into the region after seeing it first hand and including DT Croatia into its organization. Usually those who come back with a conference after doing an incentive want a “Touch of Extraordinary”, so their participants will have a chance to experience a conference everyone will talk about long after it’s been done.

So, if you are looking for a way to enhance your conference quality and a new place to organize a conference in Europe, but don’t know where to start? Start with adding that extra dimension and leave the rest to DT Croatia, your conference partner in South East Europe.

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