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Go Split! VIP, Green, Gourmet, Team Challenge DT Croatia

Go Split – From VIP, Green, Gourmet to Team Urban Challenge.
Choose to Go VIP, Go Green, Go Gourmet or Go Team for your next event in Split. Make your corporate event unique an unforgettable with a tailor-made offer according to your preferences and special needs with mixture of luxurious venues, untouched natural scenery, Roman architecture and cosmopolitan urban lifestyle.

Go VIP in Split – Sailing to the Martinis Marchi Castle

The scent of pine trees mixed with the freshness of the sea, a light breeze in your hair and the sound of waves – experience all that is sailing in the archipelago of Split. Enjoy a cocktail on the yacht while sailing towards the new marina of Maslinica, on the island of Šolta. Red carpet will lead you to the beautiful terrace of the more than 300 years old Martinis Marchi castle where you can enjoy an exceptional gourmet and wine experience.

Go VIP Split

Go Green in Split – Marjan Hill

Known as the Lungs of Split, Marjan hill offers a wide choice of activities. Whether biking through the countless pine forest paths or rock climbing on sheer cliff faces, Marjan is the perfect spot just a few minutes away from the Old Town. At the bottom of its slopes, pebble beaches are a perfect relaxation point, among which the most hidden coves can be reached only by kayaks. After an activity, a picnic can be organised at Sustipan, one of the most beautiful parks in Croatia.

Go Green Split

Go Gourmet in Split – Split’s marketplaces, bars & restaurants

The gourmet scene in Split has been blossoming in the past few years thanks to numerous new restaurants. A wide choice of different kind of cuisines is offered in the Old Town so you can enjoy the flavours from different corners of the world. To experience the town in a unique way, take a city gourmet tour – enjoy the homemade grappa on the Roman square, taste oil at Uje Olive oil Bar, different kinds of cheese and procsciutto at La Regina del Formaggio, oysters at Bota Šare and chocolate at Zinfandel.

Go Gourmet Split

During the tour, you will pass by fish and green markets where you can enjoy the scents and colours of Dalmatia.

Go Team in Split – Roman Team Building.

Is there a better way of exploring Diocletian’s palace then by Roman Team Building? Your teams will be welcomed by Roman emperor, soldiers and dancers at the Peristyle square, taken for a walk around the Palace up to the Bastion Coronarao, where the competition in archery will be organised. You will be taught basic fencing techniques as well and the best team will be awarded by laurel wreath. Let the games begin!

Go Team Split

Whether you are looking for adrenaline experience or cultural visit Split is the place to go. This new hot destination has never been closer with daily direct flights from London, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Lisbon, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Moscow and Istanbul! Please contact us for any support regarding group events in Split.

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