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Go Zagreb – From VIP, Green, Gourmet to Team Urban Challenge.

Go Zagreb with VIP, Green, Gourmet and Team Urban Challenges for your next event in Zagreb. Corporate problem solving through exercise & fun. Unique and exiting mixtures of various programs that will remain remembered. Programs can be chosen depending on your group requirements.

Go VIP in Zagreb – at the Zagreb Arena.

Court side/ front row seats, back stage passes, special entrances and VIP lounges – DT makes it happen for your incentive group. Experience the Zagreb Arena’s world renowned events: concerts, sporting events and programs as a true VIP and create an unforgettable experience!

Go Zagreb VIP - Zagreb Arena

Go Green in Zagreb – Zagreb’s Parks and Lakes.

Green oasis in the heart of Croatia’s capital, Zrinjevac, Botanical Garden and Jarun Lake, add a refreshing interlude during a city tour or interesting break after meetings. DT surprises may include an a cappella performance in an ornate gazebo with freshly baked chestnuts, an impromptu football team building game complete with trophies and lake side barbecue lunch or sophisticated gala dinner.

Go Zagreb Green - Zagreb Parks Jarun

Go Gourmet in Zagreb – Zagreb’s marketplaces, coffee shops & restaurants.

Zagreb is known its culinary mosaic. Weather sampling local products at the Market place during a city tour or ending at a historic coffee shop complete with period cakes DT includes a gourmet dimension to its tours. Meals become a true voyage of the senses with all of Croatia’s diverse culinary regions represented in DT’s special tasting menus complimented by ideal local wines.

Go Zagreb Gourmet - Zagreb coffee shops & restaurants

Go Team in Zagreb – Urban Challenge of Zagreb.

Have your whole team get a refresher course in unity while they battle it out in the urban jungle of the downtown city center. Zagreb Urban Challenge pushes team members to the limit: enhancing communication efficiency, problem solving at a corporate, team and individual level through intensive exercises as well as to create a healthy working atmosphere with strong interpersonal relationships, celebrating the winning teams during a laid back lunch.

Go Zagreb Team & Urban Challenge

Whether you are a foodie or looking for adventure Zagreb is the place to go. This new Capital has never been closer with daily direct flights from London, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Lisbon, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Moscow and Istanbul! Please contact us for any support regarding group events in Zagreb.

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