Enjoy Group Cooking Adventures in Croatia

Group Cooking Adventures Croatia

Experience Group Cooking Adventures in Zagreb, Split & Dubrovnik

In addition to being fun, cooking is a great way to become immersed in a new culture! Enjoy a cooking class, get some professional tips and learn some new recipes! Impress family and friends when you return home! Build your confidence in the kitchen in a fun, friendly environment, while preparing your own gourmet feast!

DT Croatia is the only DMC that can assist you with a full Croatia gourmet experience. We can master the itinerary tailor made upon your budget and group size. We open the secret doors to privatised kitchens and gourmet centres only for you and your groups.

Group Cooking Adventures in Zagreb

Kezele farm, surrounded by meadows, fields, orchards and vineyards, is located only 45-minute from Zagreb. In addition to producing wine, brandies and liqueurs, the owners of the farm do their best to preserve their authentic rural heritage. This makes it an ideal place to be introduced to traditional Croatian dishes.

 Group Cooking Adventures in Zagreb

The cooking class can include a competition in goulash stew making in kettles over an open fire. Or, the preparation of traditional dishes from northern Croatia. After the meal, participants can enjoy stunning views of one of the oldest mountains in the region, Moslavina mountain, and experience a true rural lifestyle.

Group Cooking Adventures in Split

Your team is enjoying their time in Split, but you’d like to spice-up their stay and they’re interested in gastronomy? Then we have the perfect activity for you – a culinary experience.
The day begins with stops at the most important places of everyday life, the green and fish market.

 Group Cooking Adventures in Split

Besides buying the freshest groceries, you’ll have the opportunity to meet many locals who are getting everything they need to prepare a homemade lunch, meet local fishermen and farmers selling vegetables from their gardens. After the walk through the colourful markets, you’ll arrive to a unique space located inside 1700 years old Diocletian’s Palace. During the class you will learn to prepare a typical Dalmatian 3 course lunch.

A professional chef will guide you during the whole process and reveal to you all the secret ingredients that go into making the dishes special and unique to the region. After you have prepared the lunch, sit down at the table, enjoy the meal with your team and reward yourself with some fine Croatian wine.

Group Cooking Adventures in Dubrovnik

Cooking class in Dubrovnik offers a uniquely delicious cultural experience in which participants prepare local meals themselves under the instructions of a local chef.

Culinary workshops can be tailored to diverse events or specific participants’ interests.

 Group Cooking Adventures in Dubrovnik

Besides including the workshop and the tasting of the food prepared, the cooking class can also include visit to Dubrovnik’s main farmers’ market. Participants can explore a magical maze of the colourful fruits and vegetables sections as well as fresh fish. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a novice, this class is a true hands-on experience. Upon your return home, you will have the opportunity to amaze your family and friends with new recipes.

Contact DT Croatia for a full offer of our cooking adventures throughout Croatia!

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