New Nissan Micra European Promotion 2017

New Nissan Micra European Promotion Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Hosts New Nissan Micra Promotion 2017

After many months of preparations by the City of Dubrovnik and DT Croatia, the European promotion of the new Nissan Micra finally began on January 9th 2017 and will continue until March 23rd 2017.

During this period the new Nissan Micra will be presented to more than 7000 guests & 500 top European journalists during January as well as fleet buyers, European concessionaires and their sales staff during February and March 2017.

Nissan guests will be accommodated in Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens.

New Nissan Micra European Promotion Lineup - Dubrovnik Sun Gardens 2017

New Nissan Micra European Promotion at Slano Marina, Dubrovnik 2017

During their 100 km long test drive they will have the opportunity to experience Dubrovnik’s historical center, as well as newly opened ACI Marina ‘Veljko Barbieri’ in Slano near Dubrovnik.

DT Croatia is proud to have been chosen as the ground logistics operator for this new car launch program. The choice of City of Dubrovnik confirms once again that the destination is well recognized by the auto industry.

In addition, the car launch has recieved great support from the local authorities that recognised the importance of this event for the City Of Dubrovnik. They have made it possible to organise the photo shooting and car fleet exposure in the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

This was a great asset enabling this complex car launch program to be orchestrated in a successful manner.

New Nissan Micra European Promotion in Dubrovnik 2017

Special thanks goes to all DT team participating in realisation of this project namely; Petra Podkubovšek Medić (CAO), Ivo Skance (COO) and Božena Bogoje (Project Manager) during the project contracting and Antonio Klaić, Ante Tolja, Suzana Čerović and Dijana Prkačin from Transport and Operations department as field assistance during the program execution.

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