New Zagreb Venues

New Zagreb Venues

Recently Opened New Zagreb Venues

Once again, several new Zagreb venues unveiled. A selection of new Zagreb venues that offer a variety of options for both simple and demanding get together events.

La Grma

La Grma, a former feather factory now a repurposed modern and industrial chic style venue. It’s located within the protected park Grmoscica only 6 kilometres from Zagreb’s city centre.

This beautiful venue can host up to 210 guests for a sit-down dinner while offering picturesque grounds perfectly complemented with wooden planks placed around the park for a complete experience in the surrounding landscape.

The interior is adaptable to suit any of your needs, from seating arrangements to the design itself.

Whether you want to host a formal gala dinner or more casual event, or prefer industrial or luxury style, DT team can help you make it an unforgettable event at La Grma.

La Grma - New Zagreb venue

The Garden Brewery

The Garden Brewery is a craft beer production facility located in the industrial zone in Zitnjak. Located in a city district of the southeastern part of Zagreb, in a former industrial hall.

The Brewery combines a 280 square-metre bar with craft beers and premium quality gourmet burgers from Submarine BBQ. All offered in more than 1200 square metres of interior space, including the brewing facility, and a large outdoor space with a garden.

The whole brewery is opened for special events, tours and craft beer tastings but also any other type of corporate or private gathering. It’s full potential comes with excellent sound system and professional lighting.

The Garden Brewery - New Zagreb venue


Elegant, atmospheric and cosy restaurant with an expected dose of luxury perfectly located in the ambience in Zagreb city centre. Barbieri’s offers a combination of fine interior design, relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices matched with simple meals presented with a modern twist.

Barbieri’s, owned by an esteemed Croatian chef, is envisioned as a ‘fine dining bistro’ which functions well during the day, but also offers excellent selection of drinks, cocktails and small bites during the night. On weeknights, the restaurant’s kitchen is opened till 2 a.m. The restaurant with its open-kitchen concept provides customers with an insight in the meal preparation process which makes it a perfect place to enhance your dining experience.

Barbieris - New Zagreb venue


Every segment of this excellent gastronomic restaurant, located in the city centre, brings an exciting and new concept of fine dining to Croatian culinary scene.

It’s relaxing interior design is separated into lounge area with a bar and DJ, central dining area. Additionally, the last but most interesting area, the chef’s table area with a direct view into the kitchen and meal preparation process.

In addition to offering meals using contemporary and unusual techniques in order to extract and achieve fullness of layered and unexpected tastes, the restaurant is also fully equipped with a wine cellar with a biggest wine list in Croatia.

For lunch or dinner, you can choose between à la carte menu, tasting menu with 4, 6 or, 9 course table d’hote menu. The chef’s table-option offers an unforgettable experience with many courses and different meal combinations with a view into the open kitchen and the sophisticated meal preparation.

Noel - New Zagreb venue

All above new Zagreb venues are available on demand (subject to availability) and suitable for various types of events. Please share this news with friends and colleges.

We would be more then happy to assist with any requests regarding Zagreb Venues. Simply, contact us.

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