Organise Your Event On The Adriatic Sea

Organise Your Event On The Adriatic Sea

Add Another Dimension to Your Adriatic Sea Events

The largest modern Event Ship of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea is ready to sail on any route and in any decor as you wish!

Starting fun on-board from 10 up to 400 people we are able to provide meetings, dinners, cocktails, concerts, parties, cooking classes, island hopping, disco dance parties and much more.

Any kind of corporate event in Croatia will be impossible without a moment at the Adriatic Sea. This special 45 meter long white day cruiser is able to sail all year in any weather condition.

Sea Star Dinner Party Celebration Setup - Adriatic Sea Event Ship

Sea Star Lounge Upper Inner Deck Setup - Adriatic Sea Event Ship

Air-conditioned and with sea stabilisers we can ensure a smooth cruise for your clients. DT Croatia as the owner and manager of the event ship will be more then happy to assist with any set up you may need.

Choose meals, audio and video requirements, all up to today high standards and available in many versions for different budgets.

Book your event as soon as possible on-board this one of a kind venue! Make your guests a special moment by organising your success party with the MB Sea Star.

Our experienced crew and boat restaurant team will create that special programme for you. Menus both Croatian and international, can be prepared fresh on board. A fully stocked bar indoor and the sundeck bar mix drinks and pour wines of Croatia.

Sea Star Cocktail Party Stand Up Setup - Adriatic Sea Event Ship

Special Discounts Available Now for 2017

Grab one of the free slots during the next half of this year. Choose from many routes and sail the Adriatic Sea with us!

Enjoy unlimited party time, smoking allowed on outside decks, beautiful views of the island coast and old towns with city walls. Fantastic sights and moments included! Experience something unique and different with the leading Event Ship of Croatia.

Let DT Croatia make your events stand out and experience the best time ever for your company with the Adriatic Sea Star. Download Croatia’s Event Ship SeaStar Fact Sheet with possible deck setups. Ask us for a sample proposal & presentation.

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