Swift Conference Organisation

Swift Conference Organisation

Swift Conference Organisation – Keep Your Expectations High!

Do You need a swift conference organisation, you need it quickly because the original destination just became unavailable or there has been sudden change in your itinerary or budget that allows another meeting in the desired period? It may be an event for your company members and key clients or partners, so there is no need to gather registrations or paper submissions. Even if you do have gathered registrations and papers, but destination has to be changed due to force majeure or any other reason; How quickly can you come up with good hotel that has large and modern meeting space, attractive destination with several transport alternatives, reliable and experienced partner at the new destination of your choice?

Why We Call it “Swift Conference Organisation”?

If we called it the Fast Track, it would probably be out of line. Calling it a quick job would be somewhat unfair, but doing it swiftly is nothing else but showing our expertise. If you already have a firm plan on how many participants, meeting rooms, technical equipment, hotel rooms and transportation you will need, we can prepare an offer within 48 to 72 hours from the moment you send us your initial request.

Our experience in the meeting industry combined with wide possibilities in the whole region of South East Europe bring the winning formula and quick responses to the most difficult scenarios. Although it is a quick response offer you will not be missing any technical or social detail that makes a good conference and great experience. We’ve done so many conferences here so far that we can pull out a whole bunch of alternatives for your activities, gala dinner or entertainment. You will just as well receive full support in efforts to meet your budget limitations in case this is your main concern.

DT Croatia PCO offers partnership for your project development and execution in the way that you’ll feel like you extended your own staff to the conference destination. The swift conference organisation can operate as the integral part of your own organization, quickly adapting to your communication and workflow standards. Don’t let such a major change like sudden quest for alternative conference destination or even period adjustment cause any more stress than necessary. We are ready to „jump in“ at any phase of your project and provide highly professional, affordable and reliable services.

Cooperation is the key to reach our common goal – Easy & swift conference organisation!

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