Team Building Trends in Croatia

Team Building Trends Croatia

Just a Few Popular Team Building Trends in Croatia

A company is only as strong as its internal narrative. That collection of stories and self-perceptions drives its reality. Most companies realize that these stories can be shaped, transformed and evolved intentionally. One of the popular interventions into a company’s internal story is “team building.” As more and more MICE clients look for active partaking in the local culture and new ways to engage for their team, some fresh team building trends have emerged in Croatia.

Building New Capacity Through Live Action Role Play Games

Live Action Role Play is a game of improvisation. As characters in a fictional setting, participants pursue an assigned goal, together and individually. Known for short as LARP, this trendy method provides a fun container to test different approaches. Team building benefits? It expands players’ identity-imposed limits. It teaches the brain to see new possibilities. One can try on different ways of interacting without the limitation of their usual team role.

Combining LARP into incentive travel offers infinite possibilities for embodied learning. Role play some facet of local culture to expand your repertoire and perception.

Our favourite incentive program LARP game was created for a group travelling towards Istria by private train. Departure was from the historical Orient Express train station in Zagreb.

Team Building Trends in Croatia - The Orient Express Mystery

A group of local LARP facilitators turned the three-hour train ride into a brilliant simple game – “The Orient Express Mystery”. First, it begun the night before, with handing out of the train tickets. The guests were staying at the historic hotel Explanade, originally built to serve the Orient Express. Each player got their new identity, along with some props that gave it some flair. The tickets also contained a secret “agenda,” personal to their role in the game. Everyone showed up on the train in character and started getting to know the fellow passengers.

While playfully re-counting things they came alive for them, they hardly noticed they arrived in Rijeka. There are infinite ways to apply this imaginative team building trend in Croatia.

Igniting Personal & Team Power Through Physical Challenge

Running races as a team building program, leadership coaching through physical competition, building capacity personally and as a team through overcoming personal limitations, it makes natural sense, no?

The power of physical exercise to shift our energy and thinking is well documented. The amplifying power of experiencing something new as a group as well. To localise this team building trend to Croatia incentive destinations we have privatised Dubrovnik and Ston City
Walls for running races.

We hired local sports teams to play a match against our incentive group team, created three island triathlons as a way of experiencing the Elaphiti islands.

We then created sailing regattas with competitive sailing skippers coaching the team. There are many options and this team building trend seems to be in Croatia to stay.

Team Building Trends in Croatia - Running the Dubrovnik city walls

Refreshing Creativity & Commitment Through Digital Detox Wellness Reboot

While our technologies and practices continually advance, our sense of well being is in decline. So, say the studies at least… Stress taxes our body and our health.

But it also taxes our discernment and our creativity. Aware of this, clients are looking for engaging ways to recharge and rejuvenate their teams.

Turning team building challenges on their head, many creative companies now organise digital detox wellness programs. Putting aside all means of digital communication for a time, the overworked brain begins to unwind.

Team Building Trends in Croatia - Biking wellness team building trends

To facilitate the recharge after a short Biking tour, we look to the infinite therapeutic possibilities of the still unspoiled Adriatic sea. Natural sound-healing power of crickets and waves, juicing and aromatherapy using sun-charged local ingredients. Similarly, a little morning yoga breathing negative ions from the sea. A hike in the soothing pine forests, watching the sun go down with bare feet on the stones still hot from the sun. And of course, the clean and delicious Mediterranean diet.

Croatia’s wild beauty and unspoiled remote retreats make it a natural destination for such delightful team building trends.

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