Top 5 Festivals in Croatia – Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Pula & Zadar

Zadar Musical Evenings St Donat

DT Croatia is proud to operate in a country so rich with various esteemed cultural festivals spread through all of its regions. Therefore we have chosen our Top 5 Festivals in Croatia that our clients can enjoy in this year.

Dubrovnik. This year`s 65th Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the oldest cultural festival in Croatia happening in Dubrovnik every summer from 10th July to 25th August and representing the peak of the summer season.
Its vibrant program consists of numerous theater plays as well as ballets, classic music performances and operas happening throughout the Old Town which serves as an enchanting historical stage.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Zagreb Cest is d`Best

Zagreb. From 5th to 12th of June on the streets of our capital, Everyone can enjoy the energy and cheerfulness that more than 300 performers coming from four different continents bring in this city every year. The happiest festival in the region, as some call it, 17th annual CEST IS D`BEST (Street is d`Best) directly interacts with anyone walking the streets of Zagreb during this period. Incredible music, street theater performances, circus acrobats, sporting events, tec.

Split. Another amazing cultural happening this year in Croatia is the 59th Split Summer Festival taking place in Split from 14th July to 14th August.
Its rich program filled with opera, drama, ballet, concerts, exhibitions and forums will please even the most demanding culture lovers.

Split Summer Festival

Pula Film Festival

Pula. When we think of the Istrian town of Pula we think of its one of a kind Film Festival happening every summer from 12th to 26th of July in the unique setting of the well-preserved Vespasian`s amphitheatre.
This year’s 60th Pula Film Festival offers a great variety of films in national and international production that its visitors can enjoy watching under the stars.

Zadar. 53rd Musical Evenings in St. Donat is a musical manifestation happening in Zadar from 9th July to 14th August in the St. Donat church serving as a very special concert venue.Its program offers its visitors the finest of classical music performances.

Zadar Musical Evenings at St. Donat

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