Top Bistro’s Dubrovnik

Top Bistro's Dubrovnik

Visit Some Of The Top Bistro’s In Dubrovnik

Enjoy fabulous local wines and have a quick bite at one of these off the beaten path gastronomic delights in Dubrovnik’s Old City, each offering their interpretation of Croatian cuisine with a modern twist. The DT Croatia team has put together a short list of “Dubrovnik Top Bistro’s” from which to choose a local Bistro, all with a unique atmosphere somewhere near you. Hope you enjoy it!

Bistro – Horizont

Located near the city centre with a beautiful view of the Old City Port and Porporela, this charming restaurant, near the Ploče entry gate offers seating outside for up to 30 people on the cascading stairs and the same number inside. It specializes in traditional dishes enriched by a modern ‘touch’ including sea bass, steak, salmon, monkfish medallions, Adriatic tuna steak, soups, appetizers and good wine.

Top Bistro's Dubrovnik - Horizont

Meat lovers, cake lovers and all the other foodies will be able to surprise their palates so do not hesitate – visit Horizont and bite into every single snack that Croatia could produce.

Gils little bistro

Gilles Camilleri, one of the Europe’s most famous chefs, has set his „little bistro“ in the city that he fell in love with more than 6 years ago. His new concept won’t disappoint even the most demanding of foodies. Situated in the middle of the bustling luminous Old Town of Dubrovnik but tucked away neatly in a little side street allows the perfect balance of summer atmosphere and privacy amongst friends and family.

Top Bistro's Dubrovnik - Gils little Bistro

For those who prefer a funky atmosphere, with a taste of local market products, Gills litter bistro will be the perfect choice.

Bistro – Azur Dubrovnik

Nestled in the quiet streets near the popular “hole in the wall” Buza bar, the Azur restaurant serves up Mediterranean cuisine with an Asian twist.

This charming bistro style restaurant offers outdoor seating for up to 40 people on three street terraces with space inside for an additional 20 food enthusiasts.

Top Bistro's Dubrovnik - Azur

An open-style kitchen allows you to actually see the cooks at work preparing starts to share or sumptuous tai inspired main courses. Azur offers a refreshing contrast to classical Croatian cuisine.

Bistro – Bota Sare

Located next to the Cathedral, the Oyster & Sushi bar Bota, allows you to taste the very best of local sea food delicacies prepared at any time of day in pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
Fusing together the seemingly incompatible features of a Mediterranean tavern with Japanese simplicity, the interior offers clean lines yet relaxed seating for 20 pax guests with the same number available outside as well.

Top Bistro's Dubrovnik - Bota Sare

Known for generations for their oyster farming, the Bota family has sized upon the opportunity to convey the richness of the Adriatic sea through their sushi and fresh oysters. Not to be missed by any seafood lover!

Bistro – Kopun

At Kopun restaurant, great pride is taken in the efforts to bring back some of the old Croatian recipes handed down through centuries from the divers regions of the country.

Their menu features a contemporary interpretations of local favorites and allows for a gastronomic tour of the country.

Top Bistro's Dubrovnik - Kopun

With its featured location on the Boskovic square, in front of St. Ignatius church, one of the most popular churches for weddings in Dubrovnik, Kopun outdoor terrace is perfect choice for any special function including large groups, celebrations, wedding refreshments or dinners, as well as a myriad of other arrangements

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