Top Incentive Highlights Croatia 2018

Top Incentive Highlights Croatia 2018

View Some of the TOP Incentive Moments in Croatia

Christmas is around the corner and DT Croatia is just now finally catching their breath. 2018 was one of the longest and most packed incentive seasons yet. Croatia continued trending as a top incentive program destination. Our team met the challenge with creativity and dedication to making magical moments even with the ever-accelerating pace.

Reflecting back, as the holiday season demands, there were so many amazing creations we didn’t get to celebrate in the midst of it all. So here they are now, a few of our team’s favourite top incentive highlights of Croatia 2018:

Split Incentive Highlight – Looking For Dragons On Klis Fortress

Millenia of real history blend with spectacular Game of Thrones fantasy as our client teams go looking for dragons in the Mother’s lair. The majestic Klis fortress once guarded the city of Split from Ottoman invasion. Nowadays, it hides the lair where Mother of Dragons kept her infamous pets… Heading up the cliffs, the teams don’t know which they will encounter where. At the bottom they end up in a sword fights with the proud descendants of the Uskok historic military formations, defenders of the Dinaric mountains. After getting past the Uskoks, they climbed ropes up steep cliff side walls for a stealth entrance to the fortress.

Once the fortress was conquered, the real task begun… one had to be very observant to find her dragon babies hiding in the ancient rubble. The mission was a success and local craft ale flowed at the real medieval celebration banquet.
A top incentive highlight of Croatia 2018 by all measures – spectacular setting, laughter, fresh air, team work and embodied learning.

Top Incentive Highlights Split, Croatia - Looking For Dragons On Klis Fortress

Dubrovnik Incentive Highlight – A Golden Loaf Baked On Fire

In the era of abstract thinking and cyber meetings, how many people still know how to make a loaf of bread? Or even better, to bake bread without electricity, just with a fire? The faces of participants lit up with joy and awe as they uncovered their perfect golden loaf. They had made it with their own hands, after procuring freshly ground heirloom corn flour from a nearby mill. They stoked the ambers of the fire with patience for hours.

This was only one of the fun tasks and forgotten life skills they learned as they “hunted” for their lunch fixings. And they made new friends, in a hinterland village by Dubrovnik.

Top incentive highlight of Croatia 2018: authentic local food, traditions and culture, and creating something fun shoulder to shoulder with locals.

Top Incentive Highlights Dubrovnik, Croatia - Delicious Golden Loaf Baked On Fire

Zagreb Incentive Highlight – Old Timers To Rimac Hypercars

In the romantic setting of the rivalling gothic hilltops of Zagreb, walking by the millinery shops of the famous Upper Town hat makers and vintage trams, one almost expects to be picked up by a horse carriage, or at an old timer Model T. So, our DT Zagreb team gathered a fleet of old timer cars and took their clients on a drive. Nevertheless, we know not to just dwell in the romantic past, incentive travel is about creating the future.

So, the drive ended with a visit to the future – the awe-inspiring world of Rimac hypercars. Rimac Design Studio showed off their latest electric hypercar models and inventions, inspiring conversations about the futures yet to come.

A definite top incentive highlight of Croatia 2018: inspiring innovation, creativity and the thrill of moving ahead of the times.

Top Incentive Highlights Zagreb, Croatia - Old Timers To Rimac Hypercars In Zagreb

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