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Product Launches – Car Launches, Farma & Luxury Product Launches in Croatia – Full Service Support!

DT Croatia provides support to companies intending to launch new products into the marketplace. In the competitive environment, product launch represents the crucial step in product’s marketing and positioning.Using a strategic approach to product launches and targeting the press and product retailers, company- producer can ensure brand awareness, product positioning, media coverage, ultimately leading to fast and guaranteed return on investment.

Our teams have gathered great experience with the automotive industry (New Vehicle or Car Launches) for the media and press as well as for auto dealers. DT Croatia has had the opportunity to operate many product launch related events for car companies throughout Croatia and the region.

Product Launches Jewelry
With the assistance of DT – Dubrovnik Travel, clients can select the best venues, accommodation, equipment, production of promotional and print materials and all other services and components of a successful product launch. So far, many new product launches were successfully organised in Croatia e.g. Brand; watches, perfumes, cars and other luxury items have been presented to the marketplace with the assistance of DT. View our references.
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