Bosnia & Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the former Yugoslavian countries, a country where east meets west, combining the best of both civilizations.

Enjoy a comfortable ride along the coast with a beautiful view of the Elafiti island group. In app. one hour after departure you would stop for a coffee break in Neum. Continue along the Neretva River valey to Poćitelj, dating from the 15th century and it is a typical small oriental settlement.

Most prominent is the fort above the town, first built by the Catholics as a means to protect the village, it was captured by the ottomans and became its citadel.

Under ottoman rule from the 15th century the town flourished as a stop on the caravan routes. The original buildings are beautifully preserved and can be visited: Hadži- Alijas mosque, Sisman- Ibrahimpašas school, Sahat – kula (clock tower).

Reaching the final destination Mostar is a center of Herzegovina, explore the oriental part of the town with its famous bridge built in the 15th century across the Neretva River bridging the east and west became a symbol of the dichotomy of this city.